Strata Fire Protection Questions and Answers

What are your Strata Fire Protection Questions?

We provide Strata Fire Protection Solutions, all in compliance with legislation, and with the relevant Australian Standard, in Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast.

As a strata property manager or committee member, ensuring the safety of your residents and employees is a top priority. These concerns mean that you may have many questions. We answer them below. Let us know if you have any more strata fire protection questions.

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Q1: Will we still be billed by Redmen Fire Protection?

A1: Yes. Redmen Fire Protection is Australia’s leading fire safety company. We decided to dedicate a division of our company to purely serve strata properties, as we recognize the strata industry’s unique needs. We want to make sure that we address those needs and provide exemplary service for our strata clients.

Q2: Will I have a dedicated account manager?

A2: Yes, you will maintain a relationship to a dedicated Redmen representative who commits to knowing your strata inside out. They will also get backup from our unique Zoho Team in a Box feature. That means that even in your account manager’s absence you will always have the support you deserve as one of our most valued customers. We have a STRATA specific Customer Support 1300 Number so that you always get to speak to one of our Strata specialists.

Q3: Can I manage my own account?

A3: Yes, you can login to our customer portal. This enables you to have a complete view of your fire protection needs including booking and reviewing the date and time of necessary services.

Q4: How can I be sure that my strata will be fully in compliance with legislation?

A4: All our work is done according to Australian Standards and NSW Strata and Fire Protection legislation. We have a design practitioner registration for any new work, and our company is Fire Protection Association accredited.

Q5: Can Redmen take care of my Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS)?

A5: We are specialists in doing Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS). We have several Accredited Person Fire Safety (APFS) specialists. We can review your fire safety, correct any deficiencies and endorse your AFSS to ensure compliance with Government regulations.

Q6: Another company has said that they can do all this work cheaper. Can Redmen match their price?

A6: This is where our STRATA PRICE GUARANTEE comes in. We will NOT be beaten on price for the same service. If you find a competitor that is offering you the same product and / or same service cheaper, then simply show us the quotation and we will beat it by 5%.

Q7: I’ve had trouble with getting technicians access to the property. How can you help me there?

A7: At your request we shall supply and install a security coded Key Lock box to site. That allows for fast and efficient access to the site.

Q8: Will your technicians show up on time?

A8: We provide a 2 hours service technician attendance window, where we guarantee our technician will attend your site within that window.

Q9: Will your technicians be able to fix issues first time?

A9: We equip our Strata Service techs with special vehicles with as many spare parts as we can in order to assist in The “On The Spot Repairs”. However, as you can appreciate, we can NOT keep every part.

Q10: Are you trying to bait and switch me on prices?

A10: Our prices are firm for minimum 2 Years. Our STRATA Discount Price List commenced January 1st 2023 and remains in force till January 1st 2025. We attempt to maintain very competitive prices, and absorb as many suppliers’ increases as possible.

Q11: There are a lot of fire protection companies. How do I know yours will be sticking around?

A11: Our management team has over 100 years combined experience. We have been operating for around 40 years and our valued clients have trusted and supported us, for which we are very grateful.

Q12: How do you make payment easy?

A12: We give an automatic $3000 credit facility to all strata customers. For those needing more credit, we have a Credit Application online. We offer a range of Payment methods, including electronic payment methods. For our best customers, we extend account terms to 60 days. Payments made prior to the 60 days attract a 5% discount.

Q13: All this fire protection stuff I don’t understand. How do you make it easier for me to comprehend?

A13: We developed a quick reference brochure to explain to tenants what service works we are undertaking, and why. In June we undertake a FREE Fire Extinguisher Training Day for our Valued Strata Clients. Every November we undertake a FREE Evacuation Procedures Training Day for our Valued Strata Clients.

Q14: I’ve had problems with fire protection techs in the past. What is your guarantee that I won’t experience this again?

A14: If we do not meet your expectations, please do not hesitate to reach out and speak to our Strata Client Satisfaction Manager.

  • If we turn up without notifying you – THAT Service Visit Is Free
  • If we do not meet your service expectation for a specific service THAT Service Visit is free.**

Q15: Are you going to nickel and dime me on routine support phone calls?

A15: Service technician emergency phone support comes included with our service. In office hours  it is free. After hours incurs a small fee.

Q16: Our strata committee (body corporate) meets in the evening. How can we get answers to our questions in a timely fashion?

A16: We have a specialist who provides fire protection general assistance. They are available after hours and provide an explanation or technical assistance when you are reviewing any issues. This is a free service for general service-related issues.

Q17: Having the first line equipment is one thing. How do we ensure that tenants can use it if needed?

A17: Every June we undertake a FREE Fire Extinguisher Training Day for our Valued Strata Clients. We shall arrange a training day and hold training every 2 hours in Fire Extinguisher use up till 8pm. Attendance is free. Registration via our web portal is essential to ensure your place.

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